Superior Health and Wellness

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Pain Management & Chiropractic located in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

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Providing Winning Health Solutions For Every Generation!

Superior Health and Wellness is an outstanding physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain management practice with locations in Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Our team offers holistic, integrative treatments for patients in a welcoming, comfortable setting. 

The Superior Health and Wellness team takes an innovative approach to caring for patients. With medical physicians, knowledgeable nurse practitioners, and chiropractors on staff, the team can find the root cause of pain and medical issues to develop the most effective treatment plans. 

Patients struggling with neuropathy,  diabetes, metabolic syndrome, back pain, knee pain, auto injuries, allergies and other bothersome conditions can turn to Superior Health and Wellness for exceptional care. 

The highly trained wellness experts offer physiologic insulin resensitization (PIR), physical medicine, chiropractic care, allergy testing, and physical rehabilitation. Additional offerings include custom foot orthotics, spinal decompression, GenVisc® knee viscosupplementation injections and trigger point therapy.

Superior Health and Wellness provides winning health solutions for every generation. The physical medicine specialists proudly serve all ages, from infancy to the golden years and every stage in between. 

The Superior Health and Wellness team offers the perfect combination of strategies that comprehensively evaluate and holistically treat all components of a patient’s unique health care needs.

Healthy individuals and their families are the cornerstone of the Superior Health and Wellness practice and community. Its medical experts are passionate about improving the lives of their patients, allowing them to enjoy activities they love without pain or other debilitating symptoms. 

Superior Health and Wellness specializes in nonsurgical solutions that optimize healing using the highest standard of health care possible in a comfortable, relaxing, patient-friendly setting. 

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